USP - Unser unique selling proposition

USP - Me! ZOOMBALAJA! 7+ -points-priority-plan

1. Worldly excellent! Divine dito! Daily ZOOMBALAJA! ZOOMBALAJA-life, better than excellent!

    --> 'L/S2-Circle' = E1 + S1/T/F + W/E2!

2. Topfit and free of poison! Multilingual! Stop losses! No doubt

3. Pure motivation! Laughing + fun + music! Pleasure + silence! Liberty + spare time!

    Hygiene of thoughts + personality- + -strongth development!

4. Idol! Noble + polite, if possible! Same as aristocratic! Courteous! Reliable!

5. Become rich - stay rich. High knowledge- + money increasing,

    'magisches SLR-Vermögensanlagen-Dreieck'! Serious CEO + serious artist!

    Producer! Daily 100%! Reached? Then 100%+! Actually!

6. Maximum 'Eu-Stress!' + great step by great step on top with 7-miles-boots! Writing books.

    Using maximum five to ten hours a week the internet, you´re allways up to date.

    Pull the best out of and for yourself! Life-chess and meditation!

7. Professionality! Must haves: hearty! Act like a profitable 'Aktiengesellschaft!' 'Knigge-Knigge!'

8. My business also helps for privat affairs!